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Our perfume store doubles as a candle store! This makes us your one-stop shop for all things self-care including clothing, essential oils, candles & designer fragrances. You'll love spending time in our shop because we:

Carry a wide inventory of premium-quality products
Take pride in providing exceptional customer service
Value our clients and are happy to help them find what they need

Visit our store in Buffalo, NY today to see what we have for sale.

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Fill your bag with goodies from our perfume store in Buffalo, NY

Scents & Sensuality LLC is a local perfume store that's home to authentic designer fragrances luxury perfumes, essential oils and more. Whether you're searching for something new or looking for a specific fragrance, you'll find it here. We'll even place custom orders if we don't stock what you're looking for.

Stop by our perfume store in Buffalo, NY today to shop authentic designer fragrances and luxury perfumes.

What will you find at our store?

Scents & Sensuality has everything you need to look and feel your best. While our focus is perfume and candles, we also sell custom shirts and hoodies. Because we make our custom pieces in-store, we guarantee a premium product with a quick turnaround time. Simply send us your design, and we'll get to work.

Find Yankee Candles and Authentic Designer Fragrances

There's something for everyone at Scents & Sensuality

Great customer service! Lots of T-shirts with numerous different sayings printed on them. Very accommodating, when they didn't have the size I needed in a tshirt I wanted to get for my sisters bday, he said he would make one in her size and he even did it in her favorite colors for me! I was so excited when I returned to pick it up I even purchased another shirt for my niece who just became a New Mom! Lots of Great Gifts for others and myself too! Scented candles, soaps, a variety of colognes & perfumes and other items and apparel to choose from!!!


These guys are the best and this store is amazing!! Awesome t-shirts (logos printed right in store), jeans that fit just right, dresses that will knock his socks off, Perfumes, incense, candles, but best of all.... The greatest personalized customer service you will ever find!!! This store is family owned and operated by one of the most wonderful families on earth!!! Stop in to see them especially if you need to add a few items to your closet! P.s. there's even a candy rack for the sweet tooth..


I can't begin to tell you how much I love this little hidden treasure. It's got the best t-shirts for men and women with all type (children too) that have a huge variety of colors, sizes, and slogans. There is something for everyone and a great place to grab a nice gift as there are more than just t-shirts. He also has the BEST PART that carries a bunch of high quality perfume (the real deal ) for great prices. He also carries the roll ons for almost any perfume /cologne you can think of. It is cheaper, but they smell like the real deal when ends are tight. I just love this store and the owner. (wonderful neighbor with a beautiful family.) THEY ARE THE BEST. SUPPORT THEM. ❤️