Great customer service! Lots of T-shirts with numerous different sayings printed on them. Very accommodating, when they didn't have the size I needed in a tshirt I wanted to get for my sisters bday, he said he would make one in her size and he even did it in her favorite colors for me! I was so excited when I returned to pick it up I even purchased another shirt for my niece who just became a New Mom! Lots of Great Gifts for others and myself too! Scented candles, soaps, a variety of colognes & perfumes and other items and apparel to choose from!!!

angela barker

I tried to order customer tee shirts for my daughters birthday party. They wanted over 100 bucks. For shirts im going to wear one time ?? PASS. I pass this store everyday on my way to work. Never stopped. I ended up ordering 3 customer tee shirts from here for HALF of what the other place wanted. The owner got them done for me quickly and they were perfect! My family loved them!!

miss fresh

I ordered personalized shirts and the owner was super accommodating and hospitable during the entire process. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect to it's highest standard. The shirts are exactly what I wanted! Also the store has fantastic other products that I plan to purchase next time I'm in!

Kelsey Miller

This store has a very home feel to it, I was greeted at the door and helped with throughout my entire visit.
They have a variety of colognes, perfumes, and oils to sample and purchase from. I am very satisfied with my visit and purchase.

Alyssa Celis

There are many beautiful and unique items in this store. I have only visited to pick up my Wish ordered items here. I hope to shop here soon when I get a new job.

Linda Kearney

Great black owned family business with amazing customer service. Great selection of products. I highly recommend.

Brianna Harville

Best shoppe in the area. Stop by and let owner/operator Shajuan assist you with your shopping needs. Everything is authentic name brands. Check him out!

Rebecca Jackson

I actually stop here and pick up a wish local pickup order it's very cute shop was very friendly and helpful service. Even though it was just a wish order you could tell he would go above and beyond for his customers.

Anissa Borrelli

I needed a specific brand of cologne and messaged them to see if they had it. I immediately got a response that they did and I picked it up right when they opened!! Saved me from going to the mall!!

Stephanie Surman

I order Wish so my orders get delivered here so that's how I found it♡ This store is so cute with so many amazing finds!!! I always walk out with something for everyone ♡ locally-owned by an amazing family!

Krystin LeRoy

Lovely little boutique! The owner was very welcoming and helpful. I wanted a perfume for my ,mom's birthday. He was sold out, and his stock comes in after I need it. However, he was kind enough to recommend another store to help me. I appreciated his customer service so much, that I didn't leave until I bought something. I will be back and I recommend you check it out too. Support local businesses!!!

Lc Clark

These guys are the best and this store is amazing!! Awesome t-shirts (logos printed right in store), jeans that fit just right, dresses that will knock his socks off, Perfumes, incense, candles, but best of all.... The greatest personalized customer service you will ever find!!! This store is family owned and operated by one of the most wonderful families on earth!!! Stop in to see them especially if you need to add a few items to your closet! P.s. there's even a candy rack for the sweet tooth..

Jessica Conner

I can't begin to tell you how much I love this little hidden treasure. It's got the best t-shirts for men and women with all type (children too) that have a huge variety of colors, sizes, and slogans. There is something for everyone and a great place to grab a nice gift as there are more than just t-shirts. He also has the BEST PART that carries a bunch of high quality perfume (the real deal ) for great prices. He also carries the roll ons for almost any perfume /cologne you can think of. It is cheaper, but they smell like the real deal when ends are tight. I just love this store and the owner. (wonderful neighbor with a beautiful family.) THEY ARE THE BEST. SUPPORT THEM. ❤️


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